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He relates Rome's struggle to preserve its ordered realm from a surrounding sea of barbarism and its long slow crumbling and final catastrophic collapse into darkness and chaos.

Turning to the eastern Mediterranean, we accompany Christ on his ministry, witness the tragic scenes of the Passion, and sail and walk with Paul on his missionary labors.

When he began the civil war, every centurian in each legion proposed to supply a horseman from his own savings and the soldiers , one and all,offered their service without pay and without rations, the richer assuming the care of the poorer.

Throughout the long struggle not one deserted and many on being taken prisoner refused to accept their lives on condition of serving against Caesar." We are dealing here with a very smart general, this Caesar. I always felt I had made a mistake not learning Latin, now I'm sure of it. JUSTIN: thank you for your well thought out answer to my question on Cicero.

In this Discussion Group we are not examining Durant.

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